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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Training Week #4 YM100s@50

Year of the Multiple 100s Training Week #4, ending 1/29

Overview:  Very tired and getting pushback from legs and body first half of week.  But good second half of week. 

Runs:  5

Longest:  4:27 (11.9 miles of hilly/technical at Bear Mtn/Harriman, with Garth); longest outing of year, and a beautiful day.  Felt good to be back on technical trails.

Total: 8:40 time on feet

Speed:  No.  Planned for Tuesday night, but dead legs that AM on short run so decided to forego. 

Other key workouts:  Sunday 1:20 run for about 8.9 miles on carriage trails in Central Park as somewhat of a second half of a B2B.  Averaging 8:48 pace for the GPS portion.  Felt strong, though a few twinges in right hamstring led me to back off a little toward end.

Yoga:  one class

Strength:  Only upper body/core (one), but didn't do legs due to early week soreness and then Sunday opted for run over planned strength session.  Need to resume that this week.

Weight:  158-158.5 (need to get back to 150s)

Moving forward:  Feels good to be stepping up the trail time, and also to get back the sensation of faster running the next day.  Happy to get the acceptance to do MMT training run #2 in February and be able to combine with family trip.  Need to up the ante next few weeks to be able to handle 30 miles in 3 weeks!

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