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Monday, January 23, 2012

YM100@50 Training Week #3

Overview:  A  good week.  Stepped up the mileage, and did the first snow run and snowshoe run, respectively, of the winter.  Cool!  Hamstring a-ok. 

Runs: 6 including one snowshoe (5 carriage trail, one real trail)

Hours Running:  9:45 approx.

Longest Run:  2:51 run on fresh powder with Paul and Garth at Harriman.  Lots of work to cover 7 miles.  Beautiful, but slow going, and some route-finding on unmarked trails plus tricky stream-fording with icy rocks.

Speed:  None yet, though did some pickups Friday which felt good.

Swim/Bike: One 45 minute swim.

Yoga:  One Vinyasa class.  Nursing it slightly but yoga feeling coming back.

Strength:  One upper/core, one traditional all-around legs (about an hour of adductors/abductors, high bench step ups forward and side with lunges, glutes, calves, etc.).  Planned to do Iron Strength Sunday but with snow not likely to last opted for snowshoe opportunity that AM instead. 

Days Off:  None (second week in a row, and not a good idea to continue this streak!  Already Monday I'm beat, after just easy swim and yoga)

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