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Monday, February 6, 2012

Year of Multiple 100s @ Age 50: Training Week #5

Week ending February 5

Overview:  A good week overall.  Extending the time on feet.  First time doing six hour run since mid-November.  I was unexpectedly "out of it" the next morning (little lightheaded, nauseous) so had to cancel the planned Sat. run and B2B plan.  Also did my first two a day in this training cycle, and my first speedwork session since the hamstring injury. So all in all can't complain!

Runs:  5 (4 days)

Total running time:  About 10 hours.

Speed session (Mike Keohane coach):  10 X quarter on E. Park Drive from 90th St.  Did in controlled fashion, descending from 2:02 down to about 1:43.  Minute rests.  Stayed within myself.  Felt a little hamstring "noise" last couple reps, and made sure not to test out a faster "gear" I knew was lurking in there.  Smart transition back into speed!  Hadn't done organized speed since early November.

Long run:  23.2 single track miles in 6:05 counting all stoppage time (Friday).  Solo run in Palisades Interstate Park (NY/NJ border along Hudson River) from Police Station/Park HQ.  Northern loop/out and back, reload at car, then southerly loop/out and back.  Beautiful day, no clouds, high in mid-40s.  Climbs:  2 X Huyler Landing at 460' per, 1 X Forest View at 520', 2 X Closter Dock at 460 per, 1 X Shore Trail up from Peanut Falls to State Line at 500'-ish.  Maybe 3,000-3,500' of total climb for day?  Did the (tougher) first 12 in exactly 3 hours, so slowed down in second half, with overall average of  15:45 pace. Felt pace lagging around 3:30 mark and then again the last half hour, but still managed to thrown in 13s to 14s on the more runable miles in second half.  Very encouraging day!

Yoga/stretching:  One Vinyasa class.  Stretched 4 days.  Need to make sure I stretch after long runs and on weekend. 

Strength:  One Iron Strength/full body, one upper body/core.  Didn't get in a leg-specific session--pressed for time and knees a little sore after run Sunday.  Need to get back to full complement of three strength workouts next week.

Cross-training:  One easy half hour swim.

Weight:  158/159.  Too high.  Stubbornly high.  Watch the post-long-run eating binges!  Gotta watch the snacks and desserts.

Moving forward:  Massanutten is 3 months and a week away!  Entered Cascade Crest lottery this week, drawing Feb. 11th.  Plan for this week is speed class (hills), at least two hours Friday, and then the 15-20 miles of the Hike-a-Thong at Sterling Forest on Saturday, complete with heavy pack.  Then cut back a little early next week in prep for MMT Training Run on Feb. 18th.  Tired over the weekend and today , but body is starting to make the adjustments to the increased workload, and legs per se aren't really beat up.  Read up today on Udo's oil as a recovery aid, and picked up a small bottle at health food store today to start trying out as an experiment.

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