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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Training Week #10: Bear Mountain and Cruz Blanca outside Mexico City

Overview:  A good week overall, and I fit in good amount given the packing and trip preps and then trip to Mexico itself.  Keeping total volume relatively good even without a single megalong run or a B2B. 

Day by Day

Mon. Half hour swim + hot/cold soak 20 minutes then upper body/core weight machine session at Equinox

Tues.  Bear Mountain 4:13 hills

Wed. 50 minutes

Thurs.:  1 hour brisk in C. Park + half hour leg session at Equinox

Fri.:  off/travel to Mexico

Sat. 2:25  Cruz Blanca trails outside Mexico City

Sun. 1:00  Parque de las Flores MX

By the Numbers

Total Hours Running:  9:30

Runs:  5

Three-week moving average of weekly running hours:  11 + 11 + 9:30 = 10:30

Speedwork:  None, but one speedier, tempo-like second half of shorter run (impromptu, feeling good); Missed Tues. class to attend Banff festival and did long hill run at Bear Mountain instead

Long runs/hills:  (1) 4:13 session at Bear Mountain on Tuesday, starting from 1777 lot on Seven Lakes--up Bear Mtn. on AT, down AT to parking lot/bathroom, back up Major Welch, down AT, cross road, follow AT to West Mountain, back down AT (with one wrong turn) to 1777 and then back to car.  Felt pretty good on climbs, legs and knees a little achy on descents though ok at end.  Maybe 3,000-4,000' of total climb and equal descent.  Good prep for Mt. Tammany.  (2) 2:25 run of about 20K with Wendy and Alex at Cruz Blanca.  Up to 9K altitude or so?  Couple K each of up/down?  Felt surprisingly good since I was only 12 hours off plane.  Actually felt like I could have pushed it faster but they are both coming off injuries/races/layoffs.

Flexibility:  Stretching most days; no yoga class

Strength:   One legs, one upper body/core, both at Equinox; no IronStrength with the travel and two longer hillier runs

Weight:  154.5 at Equinox on Monday; weight really down from previous weeks

Takeaways:  Generally felt pretty good all week.  Leaner, meaner.  Warmer temps.  Body getting adjusted to the volume.  9 weeks to MMT!

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