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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Training Week #11: In Mexico City

Overview:  I knew I'd be a little constrained on when/where I ran with all the friend and family obligations and the distance to get to the quality running areas.  So I had already expected to be more focused about "quality" and maintenance.  In the end, it proved to be even tougher, with Mihiret sick and a few short nights of sleep with her up and the inability to get an early departure to make it the quality 2.1K dirt training circuit there.  Also, Wendy and Alex weren't up for as long a run as I might have hoped this weekend or one previous (though still awesome to run with them.  Still I got in a good amount of runs, and some halfway decent training--enough to come home to discover a sore quad the next day on a run right after yoga class.  Where'd that come from?! 

Week Ending March 18th

Number of runs:  5

Total running hours:  7:10 (three week moving ave.. = 9:13)

Total Rest days:  1 (day of return trip to NYC)

Longest Run:  2:33 at La Marquesa going up to or past 9,000' on double and single track--gorgeous! (9.94m by my Garmin, though my friends say 20-22K is more accurate?).  Felt good.  Would have been game for a faster pace.  Ton of ascent/descent, though good footing throughout compared to what I'm used to.

Strength (no gym access):  1 IronStrength full-body

Speed:  A 1.5 hour run with loops around Parque de las Flores, with segments at near tempo being "paced" by fast guy I latched onto rear of! (Ego in action?!)  One session with 4 X 3 loops with 2 minute jog recoveries.  Not sure of length of loops, but ran in range of 7-8 minutes per 3 loops. 

Yoga/stretching:  Stretching and a few postures a few days, but not consistent.

Weight:  No scales.  But still at about 155.5 day after return, so seem not to have put on weight (a challenge with great Mexican cooking and much less walking as we're very car-dependent there!).

Issues/Lessons/Takeaways:  One issue I faced was the adductor soreness and concerns about hip because of having to run so much in nearby park.  Short loops all in one direction with tight turns. So on third day in a row, I opted instead to stick to a pretty lousy pavement course through the Wal-Mart parking lot (yes, that's right!) and some residential streets.  When necessity strikes....!   And on fourth day I did mostly half/half pavement and then the park and did my jog recoveries in opposite direction.  Not sure if that was the issue, or doing the faster running in that configuration, or the combo of doing faster workout Wed., hour easy Thurs., speed Fri. and then the semi-long mountain run Sat.  But whatever left my quads and especially upper right quad attachment sore when I was back (showed up in run right after Monday yoga), and issues have lingered/returned somewhat post-Mt. Tammany. 

It was disappointing not to be able to get to Los Viveros this trip.  I could have used either a high-quality marked speedwork session or a medium-long run of 2-2.5 hours there, but family constraints made it impossible.  The best-laid plans....All in all, did the best I could on this trip not to lose fitness.  All in all, I felt few issues with the altitude, even though the air quality wasn't great while we were there.

Ideally, I guess it's best not to have this long a trip less then two months out from a big goal race. But life sometimes gets in the way of ultra plans!

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