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Monday, March 5, 2012

Year of the Multiple 100s @ 50: Training Week #9

Week Ending March 4, 2012:

Overview:  This was a good week, even though I was fighting off a low-level cold and residual soreness and tiredness from last week's 50K and the previous week's travel.  A decent Palisades long run, a good speed session, good strength training, an impromptu mini-tempo run...those were the highlights.  Again it was a week of adjustments on the fly and "listening to the body"--it dawned on me the last hour of the Palisades run on Thursday, only 5 days out from the 50K++, that it didn't make sense to head out to Delaware Water Gap for a trial run of the Mt. Tammany 10 course the next day, for a B2B.  Knees a little sore, quads sore, and just all over tired, and that run ended just before dark.  So decided to push a mega-hill session till early next week, which I think was a smart move.  Pick the battles wisely!

Total Running Hours:  11

3-Week Moving Average of Hours on Feet:  9.5 (last week was 10)

Running Sessions:  6 (1 twofer)

Long Run:  20 miles at Palisades on single and double track in 5:25 (16:15 pace).  All self-supported, with one stop at car for aid.  Northerly loop for 9.7 and then southerly loop for rest.  Two of the "big hills" only, as I went out on the upper (Long Path) trail and was saving hill legs for next day.  Was just above 15 minute pace halfway, but then slowed down from about mile 16.  All day had trouble "untracking" the legs and getting good turnover. Contributing factor was probably the mud and wearing the heavier GTX shoes.  But mainly residual soreness from Tuesday speed and the Sat. race most likely.   For five days out, I guess I shouldn't have expected more, though I did!

Speed:  Tues. night Mike Keohane class, with 3.2 miles of continuous up/down running north/south from 102nd Transverse on west side of Park, downs as recoveries.  Longest, hardest efforts were 3 X Great Hill, about .25 mile each.  Felt strong, especially on steeper Great Hill segments, and kept with lead group. 

Rest:  One day near-complete rest with only 10 minutes swimming followed by 20 minutes of alternating Jacuzzi/ice bath at Equinox, 2 minutes each.  Day after long run to work out quad and hip soreness, especially on right side.

Strength:  1 X IronStrength full body workout at home; 1 X abbreviated leg session mostly machines at Equinox; no upper body-specific session

Yoga/Flexibility:  1 X Vinyasa class.  Stretching most days.  Some lower back issues post-long run, and then on weekend some right quad and hip issues.  But nothing lasting.

Weight:  156-157 (coming down!)

Closing Thoughts:  Holy @%&^!  Only 10 weeks to go to MMT!  Just checked the calendar.  I guess I'm in decent shape wth the training, and feeling fit.  But it makes me nervous that I won't have a 50 miler ahead of me. Just couldn't find anything that worked in terms of specificity of course and dates and being close enough to travel.  Kind of slim East Coast pickings for mountain 50s in the spring. 

Also, not sure how much quantity and trails I'll get in in Mexico, though hopefully can substitute with quality.  Can I get by at MMT on what I've put together as a substitute for having a good tough 50 miler--somewhere in range of 32 to 36 probably at Mt. Tammany 10 end of month, then hopefully the 39-mile Chocolate Bunny overnight fat ass at Massanutten Easter weekend, and the Traprock 50K?  That's my concern!  With some B2Bs and other marathonish to marathon-plus-length runs thrown in through about 4/21?  Well, it's gonna have to do, and I have to MAKE IT COUNT!  And hopefully I can sort of train through the organized events on the calendar rather than setting aside any special recovery or taper days as I would for a 50m.  Steeling the mind and body for the big challenges ahead..that's the name of the game these next 7 weeks or so!

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