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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Training Week #12: Week Ending March 25

Mon. 1:16 run after yoga (quad soreness shows up)

Tues. massage + upper body weights + 30 min. swim

Wed. easy hour run

Th.  easy 45 min. run

Fri.  rest

Sat. Mt. Tammany 10 @ Delaware Water Gap on rugged single-track--31.56 m in 10:16:48 (19:32 per mile) with about 9,600' of total elevation gain (8 loops).

Sun. rest

Overview:  Quad soreness unexpectedly showed up on my Monday run after yoga session, my first yoga class in a while.  Guess the combo of speed, tempo, pavement running, and hilly trail run last few days in Mexico City was the culprit.  Spent rest of week loosening up, and got a timely massage Tuesday which helped out with that. Skipped speed and any lower body sessions to rest up for Mt. Tammany.  The race went well (separate report coming).

Week by the numbers....

Runs:  4

Yoga/stretching/massage:  1 Vinyasa class, stretching most weekdays and Sunday, one deep-tissue massage.

Speed:  0

Strength:  One upper-body

Total time running:  13:15

Three-week moving ave.= 9:58

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