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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Training Week #13: Week Ending April 1

Overview:  A bit of a recovery week in between mega-long run weeks.  All amidst a very crazy week with Mihiret home sick, juggling work schedules, doing taxes and meeting accountant, etc.  Pretty sore beginning of week so, between that and the time constraints, very little running.  But managed to get in three medium-long runs Thurs./Sat./Sun. to sort of salvage total training volume. Literally no time for strength or other cross-training.

Mon. 45 minutes (few short walking section, quads very sore; really needed massage but had to cancel appointment because of baby home sick)

Tues. 40 minutes (still quite sore, very slow)

Wed.  35 minutes (a very short window for run on teaching day, but did one loop of outer Reservoir at something approaching tempo pace; legs loosening)

Thurs. 1:43:14 (legs better, and with babysitter part of day, so picked up the mileage)

Fri. rest

Sat. 4:08:12  trail run at Palisades with Garth and Paul (last 2 hours or so on own; a little sore; early pace with them was easy)

Sun. 2:30:42 on Bridle Path in Central Park as a sort of second half of a mini-B2B  (good, steady pace of probably 9 to 9:20ish; don't have GPS charger and ordering new one so don't know distance; first marathon-like training run for a while)

By the Numbers:

Total runs:  6

Total running time:  10:21

Three-week moving average:  10:15

Speedwork:  none, except one 1.6m segment at semi-tempo pace

Longest run:   4:08 on trails at Palisades (don't know mileage); two medium-long runs on Bridle Path also

Strength training:  0

Yoga/stretching:  No yoga, little stretching, time constraints.

Takeaways/lessons:  Felt fortunate to get in as much running as I did.  Feeling frustrated at not getting in structured training, speedwork, strength sessions, etc. this week but really also stretching back to time of Mexico trip schedule has been off-kilter.  But silver lining was my body needed a little back off time.  Six weeks to MMT! 

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