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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Massanutten's in the Books!

It's official!  35:03:33.  My first MMT finish!  Hope to get around to a longer report in a few days when I come up for air from playing wicked work catch-up this week. But wanted to make sure I got word out to any who might be listening!

So many things about the race were sweet.  The sunny weather.  Dry trails.  Washing away my '09 MMT DNF.  Finishing two 100s in a row for the first time.  Finishing strong.  The company and camaraderie of my pacer friend Steve.

There were no major crises to overcome on this killer of a course, with its relentless rocks and climbs.  But I never had too big a margin on the cutoffs to play with, either.  Progress was fairly steady, slowing a lot at night, and I fare better on the single track than I did on the dirt roads, where my turnover sucked.  A lot more to come when I write up my report, so stay tuned 

But for now just the great news--Massanutten rocks!  And in my own modest way, I rocked Massanutten!  The next challenge....only 33 days to recover for Bighorn 100!

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Mud Turtle said...

Scott, great job, i was super excited to see your finish when i checked the results a couple of days ago. congrats!! diane g.